Hi dear customer

Sometimes the online payment procedures can be a little tricky. I have tried to make the process as user-friendly as possible, but if you run into little challenges, I've made a guide, that will bring you easily and successfully through the payment proces. First of all, it is important to tell you, that you can choose either to make an Electronic Funds transfer (electronic transfer of money from one bank account to another). If you choose that solution, you need this information:

Name: Sif Orellana
Bank: Nordea

VAT Number: DK33767323
IBAN: DK2920006275758734 

If you choose to use PayPal or credit card, you can use this guide to help you through - step by step:

1)  Choose the accommodation option, you wish to buy in the drop-down-menu on the page, where the workshop is presented. Press “ADD TO CART”

2) Press “CHECK OUT”

3) Fill in your email, name, address and phone number, and press “CONTINUE TO PAYMENT METHOD”


5) Here you need to choose BETWEEN paying by PAYPAL or CREDIT CARD:

A) If you choose to pay by PayPall, fill out your username/password and press the blue button named “LOG ON” 
B) If you choose to pay by credit card, press the grey button “PAY BY CREDIT CARD”

6) If you choose “PAY BY CREDIT CARD”, fill out your credit card information + your billing address + contact information. Choose if you wish to create a PayPal account or not (optional). Press the blue button named “PAY NOW”.

7) Look your payment information through and press “PAY NOW”.

8) Say no thanks to “CREATING A PAYPAL ACCOUNT” (or "yes please", if you wish to create one - it's optional)
You receive an confirmation message of your buy. CONGRATULATION, YOU'RE IN!!!

If you are living in Denmark and have acces to MOBILE PAY, you are also more than welcome to use this payment option. The amount can then be transferred in Danish kroner via mobile number: 27 85 89 87.

Can’t wait to meet you soon. It's such an honor to welcome you in the group :)